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We offer affordable dentist prices without compromising on quality. The Dentists at Enghave Plads is dedicated, skilled and provide top professional treatment. You can compare dental costs at sundhed.dk

Dentist prices Copenhagen

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ServicePrice (DKK)Subsidy from Sygeforsikringen "danmark"
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Standard services

Regular checkup (26+ years) 157,-64 kr.64 kr.64 kr.
Regular checkup (18 to 25 years) 92,-92 kr.92 kr.92 kr.
Cleaning197,-Max. 105 kr.Max. 105 kr.Max. 105 kr.
2 X-ray images with checkup201,-105 kr.105 kr.105 kr.
X-ray image144,-68 kr.68 kr.68 kr.
Local anesthetics248,-75 kr.75 kr.75 kr.

Periodontal Treatment læs mere

Mild Periodontitis793,-309 kr.309 kr.309 kr.
Moderate Periodontitis1509,-634 kr.634 kr.634 kr.
Strong Periodontitis1993,-934 kr.934 kr.934 kr.
Severe Periodontitis (operation included)4370,-1075 kr.1075 kr.1075 kr.

Implantatbehandling læs mere

Ukompliceret implantatbehandling (inkl. bedøvelse, røntgen og krone)15219,-6136 kr.6136 kr.2416 kr.

Fillings læs mere

Small filling383,-138 kr.138 kr.138 kr.
Large filling (2 sides)975,-300 kr.300 kr.300 kr.
Small Molar
Small filling556,-300 kr.300 kr.300 kr.
Large filling (2 sides)1070,-300 kr.300 kr.300 kr.
Large Molar
Small filling644,-300 kr.300 kr.300 kr.
Large filling (2 sides)1249,-300 kr.300 kr.300 kr.

Root Canal Treatment (filling NOT included) læs mere

Small Molar (1 canal) 1290,-225 kr.225 kr.225 kr.
Large Molar (4 canals) 3300,-900 kr.900 kr.900 kr.

Tooth Extraction læs mere

Uncomplicated301,-150 kr.150 kr.150 kr.
Complicated725,-800 kr.800 kr.800 kr.
Wisdom tooth operation 2725,-800 kr.800 kr.800 kr.

Crowns læs mere

Porcelain on metal (overseas) 4475,-1200 kr.1200 kr.300 kr.
Full ceramic (overseas) 5294,-1200 kr.1200 kr.300 kr.
Porcelain on metal (Danish) 5425,-1200 kr.1200 kr.300 kr.
Full ceramic (Danish) 6150,-1200 kr.1200 kr.300 kr.
Porcelain facades (Danish) 5799,-1200 kr.1200 kr.300 kr.

Bridge (fixed partial denture) læs mere

Porcelain on metal (Pr. tooth) 4475,-1200 kr.1200 kr.-
Example of 3-unit bridge (porcelain on metal, overseas) 13425,-3600 kr.3600 kr.-
Example of 3-unit bridge (porcelain on metal, Danish) 16275,-3600 kr.3600 kr.-

Whitening læs mere

Bleaching 2500,----

Bruxism (teeth gnashing) læs mere